Felt Christmas Tree


We put up our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving this year… Actually 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, so basically right after Halloween.  My four year old was an awesome helper – opening and unwrapping all of my neatly stored Hallmark ornaments, while I placed them perfectly on the tree.  While we filled the living room with Christmas cheer, my 1 1/2 year old slept peacefully, the only time he is peaceful…

I purposely put most of the ornaments towards the top of the tree, especially anything even remotely fragile, but would this be enough to keep the tree safe… I think not, so the solution – make him his own tree! A FELT TREE!

First things first, you need felt.  I recommend felt fabric opposed to felt sheets.  Each can be found at most fabric stores.  You’ll need 1 yard of green felt for the tree and much smaller amounts of felt for the ornaments – 1/8th to 1/4th yard of each color should suffice.

If you plan on cutting out the shapes by hand, you won’t need much else other than a scissors and something to attach the tree to the wall.  I chose to use my Cricut Expressions 2.  I used a lot of the free shapes available in Cricut Craft Room, but I also purchased Joys of the Season digital cartridge.  I used several images from this pack, which includes both ornament shapes pictured and tons of holiday image cut-outs.  Felt is NOT easy to cut with your Cricut, so if you choose to do so you will need a very sticky mat and a deep blade.

Cutting the tree:

The easiest and most efficient way that I found to cut out the tree was to fold your green felt in half and draw out the shape of one side of the tree along the folded edge, then cut both layers at the same time.  This allows the tree to be completely symmetrical!

Cutting with your Cricut:

As I mentioned, felt can be tricky to cut!  As you can see, some areas are still attached and need to be gently cut with a scissors.  Remember a sticky mat and a deep blade are a must!  Another trick is to use a bit of heavy duty tape (packing tape or duct tape) around the edges to stop the felt from lifting off the mat and snagging the blade.

Use Cricut Craft room to size and design the ornaments and lights to your preference.  I made my round ornaments approximately 5 x 4 cm and my elongated ornaments approximately 5.5 x 3.5 cm.  The Christmas tree, the present, and the two star designs are part of the Joys of the Season cartridge and all come as one image – drag, size, and cut.  The Joys of the Season cartridge also comes with the round and elongated ornaments without any cut-outs.  To create the shape cut-outs, I chose shapes from Cricut Font and Basic Shapes (free).  First place the plain ornament image then drag the shape into the center.

Cutting setting should be as follows:


Pressure-5 (max)

Speed-5 (max)

Number of cuts-3

I used red, blue, orange, and purple felt for the ornaments on our tree and made three of each color – two round and one elongated.


I also found the image for the lights in the Cricut Font and Basic Shapes.  I made these approximately 2 x 1.5 cm.  I used all the same cutting setting listed above, except only cut around the shape twice.  I made 15 lights for our tree.  Lastly, cut a rectangle out of brown felt for the tree trunk (I used a felt square for this and cut by hand).


A friend recommend the use of Command Velcro strips.  I used quite a few, but they are easy to use and will come off the wall without a problem when you decide to remove your tree.

That’s it! You’re done!  It may seem like a lot of steps, but I finished this project in about 2 hours and my four year old was able to help by choosing designs and felt colors!  Of course you could be extra creative and cut your ornaments by hand as well!  Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!





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