DIY Cloth Diaper Liners

Cloth diaper liners are an easy and affordable way to prevent diaper stains, repel wetness from baby’s skin, and help with the ease of waste removal.  There is a big market for used diapers, but your resale value will drop tremendously if you have stains.  Fleece is great for repelling wetness to keep baby dry and comfortable.  It can also serve as a barrier to use diaper creams and lotions that may not be cloth diaper safe.  My favorite reason for cloth diaper liners is how easy the poo comes off the fleece liner!  It makes the (dirty) diaper changing process so much easier and cleaner for everyone involved!


For starters, I went to my local fabric shop and bought a clearance remnant of fleece.  The remnant that I purchased was about 14 inches by 70 inches.  How cute are these owls?


I simply laid the fleece out flat, and on the long edge I used a marker to make a small dot at each 5 inch increment.

Next I measured 12 inches from the dots previously made and placed another small dot at the 12 inch mark.  I cut along the dots and I was left with 14 cloth diaper liners!

I made my liners 12 inches long by 5 inches wide and I mainly use Thirsties diapers.  You may want to measure the inside of your diapers to get an exact fit.  Make sure to wash the fleece before going on the bum!  Happy cloth diapering!



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