Cloth Diaper Liners – Say NO to Fleece

A few years ago I wrote about the benefits of fleece cloth diaper liners and provided a step by step tutorial.  Well, I take it back and here’s why:

The disadvantages of fleece outweigh the benefits.  This can be attributed to a single word, PLASTIC.

Fleece is a synthetic material, which is made from plastic.  Each time you wash your fleece liners, tiny micro plastic particles are released into the water supply.  Plastic can be found in fish, birds, and other animals including humans!

Additionally, plastic production is extremely harmful to the environment.  It causes pollution and contains toxic chemicals.

The good news is that there are alternatives to consider!

1. Diaper Sprayer – It can install right onto your toilet and you simply spray away.

2. Biodegradable Liners – Although I recommend not flushing the liner itself, these are environmentally friendly and act similarly to a fleece liner.

Thank you for cloth diapering! You are saving thousands of disposable diapers from ending up in landfills and pollution our earth!




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